Sunday, September 28, 2008

The rape of the American taxpayer

For the last week, multiple newspapers have been reporting that the town of Wasilla charged rape victims for their forensic exams while Sarah Palin was the mayor.

CNN's Jessica Yellin followed up by interviewing the sponsor of a law that sought to end this insensitive practice. Eric Croft felt that was unrealistic to think that for six months the mayor would not be aware of this policy.

Frankly I think that the liberal media elite are being wildly unfair to our future Vice President.

After all, as a devoted Reagan Republican, she was simply following her duty to look out for Joe Taxpayer.

In fact, in order to save additional funds, Wasilla will now charge victims of child molestation for the anatomical dolls used to identify the places they were touched by their abusers.

This practice alone will save thousands of dollars for the Alaskan taxpayers. Those dolls are expensive!

Plus, all of the children will be allowed to keep their dolls as a keepsake and a snuggle buddy.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Life in the numbers

Today, a great actor, a great philanthropist and a great man died.

His name was Paul Newman, and he was 83 years old.

After his only son died in 1978 from an accidental overdose of Valium, he established the Scott Newman Foundation to finance the production of anti-drug films for children.

In 1988, Newman founded a camp in northeastern Connecticut for children with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. The camp serves 13,000 children every year, free of charge.

Paul was passionately opposed to the Vietnam War, and in favor of civil rights. He was famously liberal, and due to his active support of Eugene McCarthy in 1968, he ended up on President Nixon's enemies list. It was one of the actor's proudest achievements, he liked to say.

-19 The position he held on Richard Nixon's enemies list.
-50 Major films
-10 Oscar nominations
-3 Oscar wins (Two honorary awards)
-5 BAFTA nominations
-1 BAFTA win
-30 Years of philanthropy
-200 Million raised for charity
-50 Years of marriage to a wonderful woman/actor Joanne Woodward

One of Paul Newman's last on-screen roles was for the 2005 HBO drama Empire Falls.

I was very sick at home when it first aired.

The story, the characters and his performance truly resonated for me.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

WTF is this stupid fucking woman saying?

Oh my God.

Is anybody awake out there?

This is a clueless woman, completely out of her depth, being fed talking points and blindly regurgitating them like a drunk spring break fraternity brother after an open bar and wet t-shirt contest.

This is "crisis moment"?

This woman has spent too much time on the back of a dog sled.

She is talking about the importance of tax breaks when asked about the current Wall Street bailout plan.

Would someone slap this daft women in the head and inform her that the proposed 700 Billion dollar bailout plan will, by itself, cost the average American tax payer $2000-$3000 to implement.

Jesus Christ ... Could everyone turn off Gossip Girl for a moment?

Does anyone read a fucking newspaper anymore?

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Bienvenue Canada

A flawless two day shoot in Calgary ...


Working out, swimming laps in the pool and hot tubbing at the roof top spa of the Hyatt Regency Calgary ...

$400 a night

Dungeness crab with sliced grapefruit starter, Kobe filet mignon and a really nice bottle of cabernet sauvignon at Vintage.

$300 a person

Being the Producer ...

Fucking Priceless.

This week I feel unbreakable.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Vetting is not just driving your sports car

If you did not see the ABC Nightline interview of Sarah Palin by Charlie Gibson, you MUST take the time to watch the whole thing.

There really is no excuse.

I am in the middle of an enormous production job right now, involving Carnets, international crew members and other major distractions.

However, I would have moved Heaven and Earth to see this interview.

If The McCain/Palin ticket is sucessful, this woman statistically has a 30% chance of becoming president. For this very reason, EVERYONE in this country has a duty to check her out before they vote.

There are so many portions of the interview that you should see, but this one is perhaps the most telling.

Beyond this clip ...

*She compares some of her past statements on the role of God to those made by Abraham Lincoln.

*She vacillates on her past and present opinions regarding the human contribution to global warming and climate change.

*She often seems confused by the questions Charlie Gibson poses to her regarding international affairs.

The list goes on.

I am constantly amazed by the stupidity of middle Americans to buy into this crap, hook line and sinker.

For those of you located in one of the red states (pictured above), not interested in watching boring and difficult to understand politcal programing, I have provided an alternative viewing option.

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Jon and I are on the same page

Note: My comments on Bristol Palin and Jamie Lynn Spears came a day before this piece aired on Comedy Central.

Just in case you thought I was stealing ideas.

To his credit ... Jon is a lot funnier than I am.

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Double Standard

Have you ever wanted to see through the eyes of a rampant right wing, Old Testament Republican?

If so, I have provided the "Holier Than Thou" glasses kit below.

After cutting along the dotted lines ... put the glasses on.

OK ... Ready?

Here we go.



Do you see the difference?

*Both are high profile 17 year-old girls who accidently got pregnant, and then got thrust into the spotlight.

*Both plan on getting married to the father of their baby.

However ...

One is a good Christian girl, and the other is a filthy little whore.

OK ... let's be serious now.

This simple demonstration points out two very important things.

The Religious Right is often hypocritical.

When news came out that Jamie Lynn Spears was pregnant, right wing leaders screamed bloody murder ...

"What kind of mother does she have?"
"Just look at that little tramp!"

Now that Bristol Palin is reportedly pregnant, the VERY SAME people are heard saying ...

"How dare you pick on a poor 17 year old girl!"

The fact is, we are not picking on this girl whatsoever.

I am quite sure Bristol will make a wonderful mother. If she and her boyfriend Levi love each other, they could very well make a wonderful loving family.

Just because I am firmly left wing, does not instantly make me some kind of abortion loving liberal.


Abortion is a terrible thing, and it should be avoided AT ALL COSTS.

Most people who have one, regret it for the rest of their lives, and they often wish they could have that important decision back.

As a liberal, I just think we should treat EVERYONE with the same respect and courtesy during a very difficult time.

What this clearly demonstrates, is that abstinence only education DOES NOT WORK.

It's time for everyone to take their head out of the sand and open their eyes to the reality of teenage hormones.

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