Saturday, November 10, 2012

Don't Quit Your Day Job


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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Off Road and Out Of Bounds

Last Thursday, in a speech near Toledo, Mitt Romney told the crowd that Chrysler would soon be sending their Jeep manufacturing jobs (currently based in Ohio) to China.

Chrysler quickly came out in the press, labeling these claims as "inaccurate" and "clearly misleading". The Obama campaign has just launched this television ad to set the record straight.

In response, a Romney spokesman explained: "The larger point that the Governor made is that rather than creating jobs here, the foreign owner, handpicked by President Obama, is planning to add jobs overseas."

Look closely at what he said. "Add jobs overseas", not "Send jobs overseas"

Jeep vehicles that are built in China, are sold to the Chinese people. This pick up in Chinese production merely suggests that Jeep is once again showing strength, and competing in a once abandoned market.

As a past Jeep Wrangler owner ... and as a future Jeep Wrangler owner ... I would like to remind Mitt how great the Jeep vehicles are for traversing mountains of bullshit.

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