Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Double Standard

Have you ever wanted to see through the eyes of a rampant right wing, Old Testament Republican?

If so, I have provided the "Holier Than Thou" glasses kit below.

After cutting along the dotted lines ... put the glasses on.

OK ... Ready?

Here we go.



Do you see the difference?

*Both are high profile 17 year-old girls who accidently got pregnant, and then got thrust into the spotlight.

*Both plan on getting married to the father of their baby.

However ...

One is a good Christian girl, and the other is a filthy little whore.

OK ... let's be serious now.

This simple demonstration points out two very important things.

The Religious Right is often hypocritical.

When news came out that Jamie Lynn Spears was pregnant, right wing leaders screamed bloody murder ...

"What kind of mother does she have?"
"Just look at that little tramp!"

Now that Bristol Palin is reportedly pregnant, the VERY SAME people are heard saying ...

"How dare you pick on a poor 17 year old girl!"

The fact is, we are not picking on this girl whatsoever.

I am quite sure Bristol will make a wonderful mother. If she and her boyfriend Levi love each other, they could very well make a wonderful loving family.

Just because I am firmly left wing, does not instantly make me some kind of abortion loving liberal.


Abortion is a terrible thing, and it should be avoided AT ALL COSTS.

Most people who have one, regret it for the rest of their lives, and they often wish they could have that important decision back.

As a liberal, I just think we should treat EVERYONE with the same respect and courtesy during a very difficult time.

What this clearly demonstrates, is that abstinence only education DOES NOT WORK.

It's time for everyone to take their head out of the sand and open their eyes to the reality of teenage hormones.

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Blogger sj said...

i love it.

incidentally, i think joe leiberman has those *exact* glasses. i also think that he forgot to cut out the part where you see, and managed to also cover his ears with them.

5:45 PM  

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