Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Condoleezza Rice is so full of shit

When pressed by Chris Wallace in a Fox News interview about what he did about al-Qaida, President Clinton forcefully stated, “So I tried and failed. When I failed, I left a comprehensive anti-terror strategy”

Then on Monday, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stepped into the heated debate, defending the Bush administration and herself by saying, “We were not left a comprehensive strategy to fight al-Qaida!”

Which begs the question ... What is this January 25, 2001, memo from counterterrorism coordinator Richard Clarke to national security advisor Condoleezza Rice?

Well ... to be fair ... it doesn't even mention the word "Strategy".

For that you would need to look to a document a month earlier ...
A December 2000 Paper: "Strategy for Eliminating the Threat from the Jihadist Networks of al-Qida: Status and Prospects".

Okay ... okay ... so they were given a thirteen page "strategy" and warned about "possible" things to look out for.

However, it's not like they received an August 6th, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing entitled "Bin Laden determined to strike in US."

They only thing Condoleezza Rice is good at doing is shopping for $7500.00 worth of shoes while the residents of New Orleans are left to die in the streets and in their own homes.


Blogger DemocraticTrader said...

Hi there Peter,

just caught the comments you left on my site.

The way I recently got started on a blog was after reading about Ned Lamont's primary win over pro-war Lieberman in the news here in Germany.

I started visiting his site regularly, found the tools to start a blog, lol, and here we go...

Anyway, all the best !

Markus Pfeiffer

7:59 AM  
Blogger dusty said...

I did a post similar to this after watching Chrissy Wallace and Bill. Bitch so pissed me off...Condo too :)

9:59 AM  

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