Monday, September 11, 2006

Special Thanks

It's tough to have your birthday on September 11th. The Newspaper forgoes the usual parade of celebrity pictures, and instead just says, "If you were born today ... you share a death day with over 3000 people at ground zero.

I would like to thank the many people who wished me a happy birthday as I watch George Bush fake emotion on CNN.

-Steve Fox ... for your very warm words
-Steve Kravec ... for your connection of my birthday to 9/11
-Steve and Michelle from UB ... for your very nice message. Also, for being evidence personified that sometimes things can work out in the end if you really love one another.

(So far ... a lot of Steves)

-Alyssa Ettinger for her festive feline e-card.

-My Grandparents for their feline e-card.

I may own a cat ... but I am really a dog person.

Thanks also for the 10-12 calls that woke me up repeatedly on one of my few days off. It was worth the loss of sleep.

My special thanks go out to all of you.

Signed ... an older Peter


Blogger _H_ said...

Happy Birthday Peter.


4:24 PM  
Blogger dusty said...

aw....your so cute,witty,intelligent and special, so the fact that your one year older doesn't mean squat dear man..

I have some friends who's wedding anniversary is today, so similarly..they too think its hard to celebrate on this day..

5:46 PM  
Blogger grumpygirl said...

peter, i personally like that there's something *nice* about september 11th...

i hope you found a way to enjoy it

11:00 PM  
Blogger Silent Spring said...

I choose not to join the bandwagon of 9-11 remembrances this year -- in the media and elsewhere. What I’d like to do instead is share a story from a friend of mine who lives in Saudi Arabia. We worked there together for years. Those of us Westerners working and living in the Middle East, and who knew and loved most of the Saudis we worked and lived with, were appalled when the American media immediately pointed the finger and made all Saudis out to be terrorists (just like many people abroad think all Americans are fat and lazy and rich). Shortly after 9-11, when international communities within Riyadh began to be targeted with car bombs and other terrorist type activity, she sent me the letter below. In this ever increasing violent world in which we live, it’s imperative that we stand up — no matter how difficult it becomes — and find a way to walk out of darkness.

Dear Friend. . .

We held a prayer vigil last night on our housing compound, and Hesham came forward to express his regret and his sorrow that individuals from his own country and religious background had done such horrific things in the name of religion. So many people were touched by his genuine outpouring of emotion that afterwards many came up to him (even those who had never met him), to hug him, shake his hand and thank him for his words. They also reassured him that they viewed recent happenings not as an Arab thing, or an American thing, or a Christian thing, or a Muslim thing, but as a tragedy to all humanity, in the wake of which we must all stand together as members of the same global community.

I believe that labels of any kind are a bad thing, and political, racial, cultural and religious branding can only breed hatred, fear and intolerance as members of each artificial, socially created group struggle to belong by excluding others. Patriotism may be thought of as a good thing; when it stirs people to hate others, it is a destructive thing. The time has surely come in the world when the old us against them mentality has to be set aside in favor of a single us, or we are certainly destined to continue to destroy each other in the name of whatever causes or ideologies keeps us from recognizing that we are all more alike than different.

This is a sad time. I am sending this out to all of you hoping that each of us can find a healing way out of our sadness - a way guided by the true positive power of our common humanity. Although it may seem impossible at times, the power of friendship and understanding can truly conquer those dark, negative forces whose only purpose is to rob us of our love for each other and to replace that love with mistrust, hatred and intolerance.

Healing does take time, but it will happen. I remind myself every day that being alive and on this earth is a privilege, and that it is up to me to ensure that I give as much love and understanding to others as I receive from others.

Peace be with you. . .

1:14 AM  
Blogger Amanda Han said...

Hi Peter,

I didn't realise it was your birthday -


4:43 AM  
Blogger geeksters said...

Happy birthday!

3:04 AM  
Blogger peggy said...

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12:05 PM  
Blogger peggy said...

Happy Birthday ^^

12:09 PM  
Blogger kleo2 said...

Happy belated birthday to my second-favorite Virgo named Peter.

Sorry i wasn't here for the festivities. But i did wish you a happy b'day a few weeks early back there.

Hope your year is rich and rewarding.

9:32 PM  

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