Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Buddy

This past weekend I celebrated the birthday of my cat Manhattan.

I adopted her from a small west side animal shelter when she was nine, and she is now 16 years old. That is 80-84 in human years (depending on the calculator that you use).

I am constantly telling her stories of English cats that have lived to be well over 30 years old. I think she is starting to believe me.

For this big milestone, I bought her a big tub of fresh Cosmic catnip, a Maryland crab cake and a brand new navy blue Daba Doo cat bed. She did me the honor of not leaving the bed (except to eat and stretch her legs) for almost three days straight.

Money well spent.

There is nothing I would not do for her. She is my charge, and I will take good care of her as long as she needs me.

If you are thinking of getting a pet, I highly recommend adopting an animal from your local shelter. There are so many incredible cats and dogs that simply need a good home and someone to care about them.

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Blogger Dusty said...

I rescue feral cats and kittens. I get them neutered and the kittens find new homes...sometimes. ;)

Feral's almost always have health issues, and we won't give away those that do because we just don't trust folks to take good care of them medically.

Happy Birthday sweet Manhattan! You have a wonderful friend and compadre in Peter..but you probably know that. ;)

8:37 PM  

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