Thursday, March 05, 2009

Financial Bailout

This is an excellent clip from the Daily Show about the idiocy of CNBC.

Personally, I think that the two biggest douche bags on that financial channel escaped comment in this clip.

The first is Dennis Kneale

Dennis strongly feels it is unfair to deny Wall Street year-end bonuses, even though these companies are using tax payer provided bailout money to pay them.

In this clip, Dennis gets schooled by Senator Bernie Sanders (D) VT.

Then there is Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, who called the Senator a socialist in the last clip.

As you can see from this clip, Michelle loves to openly show her hatred for anything socialist. After all, she and her fellow Hispanics find very little need for government-sponsored programs.*

*For those of you who feel this is a racist comment, it is not meant to be. I simply find it nauseating that Michelle takes every opportunity to shake her ethnic tail feathers when it is convenient for her career, yet she is completely insensitive to the fact that many Hispanic people in this country need government-sponsored programs to survive.

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Blogger Dusty said...

I'd say you and Bernie slap them around pretty well in this post.

Good Job! ;)

2:58 PM  

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