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Now I must admit that I have long thought that some people these days are going overboard when it come to having children. However, this woman takes the cake.

This two part interview (conducted by her own mother) does a great job of showing how nuts Nadya Suleman really is.

In stark contrast, Nadya's mother comes off as very likable and level headed. One can only hope that she will be able to provide some sanity in the lives of these 14 children.

It is my opinion (and perhaps and unpopular one) that these eight babies should be given up for adoption. I think it would send a message that this kind of reckless behavior will not be tolerated.

Even if you make the argument that Nadya could not have known she would have more than the planned "one or two" kids from this fertility procedure, it begs a very simple question.

Why the fuck is she having ANY children when she already has six young children in an already cramped home? In fact one of those six has already been diagnosed with autism.

The answer can only be that she is rampantly delusional.

Some people have theorized that Nadya has undergone plastic surgery to make herself look more like her idol Angelina Jolie.

Um ... theory?

Are you kidding me?

Suleman has obviously had implants or filler injections to plump up her lips. She has also reportedly had a nose job to resemble Jolie. In fact, I am quite sure there is no coincidence that she hand picked Ann Curry for her exclusive televised interview.

Ann Curry is well known to be Angelina Jolie's interviewer of choice, and has conducted numerous interviews with her all over the world.

Sometime you need to call a duck a duck.

As her own mother points out so well, this woman really needs help in more ways than one.

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Blogger Listener said...

Hello Peter, this woman is so desperate to be loved, that she let her doctor who is an asshole for doing it implant her with all of those embryos. She equates being loved with having all these children, this is where she gets her love from, not a partner or husband, but from making 14 children, she has no money to take care of them, she cannot possible take care of 8 premature infants and 6 other children, and her mother is tired and over it, and I don't blame her, she is no spring chicken, and I know how I feel after taking care of my two young grandchildren after a weekend, 7 and 3yo, the 7y/o is no problem but the 3y/o runs me ragged..but thats what they do, I just thank God that I get to go home..I love them dearly, and like I said the 7y/0 can go anywhere with me, because he is mature and acts like a little gentleman, he can come spend the night with me and get up and get his own breakfeast and watch tv if Im still sleeping, but the 3y/o is sassy and into everything so I'm constantly chasing her, if not for the help of her brother I would be totally exhausted. The doctor who implanted her should have his license suspended or taken away.Now the Angels in waiting went to her home to help take care of them, and basically said, Mom hardly ever comes in the nursery, mom is out shopping, doing her nails, I think the nurse said she fed them or some of them a total of 6 times in several days. Being a nurse myself, I know I would be slightly aggravated if this mother of 8 +6 spends her time shopping and having her nails done, why I'm there taking care of her children on a voluntary basis, they are not her maids. Now Kaiser Permante has intervened, I wonder who will foot that bill???? TAXPAYERS....and I wonder how many of these children will have birth defects and be autistic...Someone should of taken at least 6 of those babies away from her and adopted them out to someone who cannot even have one. Those children all 14 of them will never get the love, and attention they need from her, one parent. My mother came from a family of 13 children, she is 85, but back then there was a time period in between the children and the older ones helped the younger ones, and her mother bless her heart lived until she was 94 and never stopped. She had one with polio who stayed at home until he died at 58 and one who died young from drinking kerosene. They did not have birth control back then. This woman has decided that she does not want a partner in life, she is using her children to be loved...which is SICK..and she needs psychological these children will suffer, not about the 6 that are already there, well they may as well forget about any attention from her for quite a while...and your right, it is quite obvious that she has had plastic surgery....must be nice to have all that money...but I guess with the taxpayers footing your bill for all your children you can do what ever you want with your own money...I wonder who paid for the implantation??? TAXPAYERS....
Ifeel sorry for the mother of hers and her father, and those poor children who will never get enough love....I pray for those children...I have no sympathy for did not just happen, she made it happen....

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