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Do men or women cheat more often, and who is better at it?

Men are not saints by any means. They often will cheat on their significant other. It is accurate to say that even the nicest men are sometimes dogs.

Polls are taken every year on the subject of infidelity, but it often seems that men are expected to cheat on their partner nearly 50% more than women.

However, I believe that women are much better liars. I have often been amazed how well a woman can lie to you while she broadly smiles and tell you that she is not.

I can say that I have still not cheated on a girlfriend. However, I have come extremely close on a few occasions. The closest I ever came to weakening was in my second year of college.

In my sophomore year, I had started dating a girl who I will call Jane. She and I had seen each other on the very first day of school (orientation), but had not been able to find one another in our freshman year for various reasons. We talked a few times over the summer, and finally began dating in the first week of the second year. A few months in, and were beginning to become exceedingly important to each other.

Also attending my University was this beautiful girl named Lori. She had been a very good friend to me for over a year. We had lightly flirted a few times in that first year, but nothing had ever come of it. Now that I was no longer single, I must have become more appealing to her.

One night I was hanging out with her in her dorm room. This was not unusual, since I had done so many times in an innocent manner. That night, I am sure that I had smoked a little pot (also not unusual for me at that time), and I was getting fairly sleepy. As fate would have it, I was on her bed. I slipped off for a minute or two, and when I opened my eyes the lights were dimmed and I felt this girl slip quietly into bed with me.

Did I mention that this girl was really beautiful?

She snuggled in next to me, and within a few seconds I found her eyes and lips within inches of mine. I had imagined this many times the previous year, and here was my chance. I would be lying if I said that I was not tempted.

Did I mention that this girl was really very beautiful?

There was one major problem though. The girl I was seeing at the time (Jane) meant a great deal to me. Even though we had not progressed to the stage of love yet, I cared very deeply for her. With this in mind, I sat up in the bed and politely left the room. The fact that I was able to do this, still surprises me to this day.

On the way down the stairwell of my dorm room, I ran into Jane. It turns out that she had been on her way upstairs to see if I was with Lori in her room. I did not know it at the time, but her fears were not reassured by seeing me just then. Jane still had it in her head that something had indeed happened with Lori that night.

The following weekend, unbeknownst to me, Jane went home and slept with her ex boyfriend for revenge.

There is no moral to this story. Sometimes making what you think is the right decision does not always work out in the end. I guess you can only do what you think is right, and hope that karma treats you well.

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Blogger The Boob Lady said...

Holy shit, as if the King didn't creep me out enough. Thanks Peter. :)

7:01 PM  
Blogger KleoPatra said...

Funny video...

Not that it matters, in the scheme of things and all, this coming from me, years later, having not been there, having never met you...

But i'll write it anyway: i'm proud of you for not giving in to what you could have done, especially in light of the "repercussions" taken by your then beau, retaliating for what you did NOT do.

That really SUCKS.
And i'm sorry she did that.

But i applaud you for being true. That's SO cool.

10:38 PM  
Blogger GIJEANIE said...

Where I live the women are the cheaters. Military families!

1:31 PM  

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