Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Go Bruins!

This one is for Zohreh.

This is the unedited footage of the UCLA Powell library incident involving campus police and Iranian student Mostafa Tabatabainejad.

The two comments I would make are:

1) If you are going to TASER someone for not standing up immediately, right after you have just shot them with the TASER, you are either a moron or a sadist ... or both.

*NOT ALL ... but SOME cops and security people have a major streak of power hunger. They can sometimes be just as violent as the people they are meant to protect you from.

Note: With 30 seconds to go in the footage a guard threatens to TASER another student for voicing his disapproval.

2) As someone who works in the film business, this is fairly poor camera work. You will not see this camera phone videographer working for CNN any time soon.

Also available from the University of California Press for a very limited time only.

Remember to bring it back to the library ... or else!

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