Sunday, August 27, 2006

Fair and Balanced Freedom

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Militants have freed two Fox News journalists on Sunday in the Gaza Strip. This action ends a nearly two week hostage drama in which one of the former captives said they were forced at gunpoint to make statements, including that they had converted to Islam.

Fox News journalists Olaf Wiig, 36, from New Zealand, right, and Steve Centann (center above) are seen with Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh.

The militant captors made a brief statement shortly after Wiig and Centann’s release. In it, their leader said that they had all come to a realization. It was this insight that finally motivated the release of the hostages. "Anyone working for Fox News could do more damage to America than any three terrorists we have out there right now."


Blogger KleoPatra said...


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Blogger The Lone Beader said...

Peter, where have you been??? Anyways, I wanted to email your last post to a friend, but you don't have that feature enabled.

Also, I thought you might be interested in this article from

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Blogger LaineyWorld said...

Is it just me or does the guy on the right look a LOT like Owen Wilson?

11:48 PM  
Blogger Peter Matthes said...

When they make the movie, I am fairly sure that it will be cast this way:

Olaf Wiig: Owen Wilson
Steve Centann: Anderson Cooper
Ismail Haniyeh: George Clooney

Pam Anderson will play Condoleezza Rice.

9:48 AM  
Blogger LaineyWorld said...

hahahahaha...good one, Peter! Brilliant choice on Pam Anderson, by the way. She's got Condie's vapid, empty look down pat.

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