Sunday, March 12, 2006

Duck! ... I mean Quail!

Several severe storms and violent tornados hit the Midwest this week without much warning.
Pictured here: Ryan Morrison helps a resident of St. Mary, Mo., clear the debris out of her home.

"The storm was really bad." Ryan told us as he gently wiped away the tears ... "but it didn't cause nearly as much damage as the Cheney quail hunting party that rolled through afterwards."


Blogger RYAN MORRISON said...

What the HELL?!?! That is me 10 years ago when tornados tore through our towns. I was in St. Mary's after helping people salvage what they could. I did talk to a few reporters after what had happened and this is deffinately NOT a quote I said or even would have thought. Infact, I am a republican who has been in the NAVY as a Gunners Mate for the last 8yrs and am a supporter of Vice Pres. Cheny and Pres. Bush. I also teach range safety, small arms, and crew serve weapons courses. I am not happy to see my photo misused in such a way.

9:26 PM  

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