Thursday, March 02, 2006


My understanding was that we broke away from England because we were sick of being ruled by idiot sons. Bush has lived a life of failure. He put not one, but three oil companies out of business. He ran the Texas Ranger organization into the ground. He ran the whole state of Texas into the ground. Now he is going to run this country into the ground.
What will be his punishment for all this failure? He will be paid $50,000+ a speech to talk to the Christian Coalition and Focus on the Family. Chertoff should be forced to live and work out of a mold ridden house in the 9th ward. If there is a God, I bet he has a special placed lined up for these two guys.
We spend our lives focused on celebrities ballroom dancing, and who the Bachelor will pick. What people should focus on more often is a newspaper. The average Joe in this country spends their time reading about who Lindsay Lohan is screwing, or what Britney is doing to her baby. Even Brad Pitt and Angelina would tell you that you are an ass to be so interested in their lives. They would tell you to start worrying about your own lives, and the lives of your friends and family.
What your punishment will be, is poverty and debt for your children ... and their children. Death and mutilation of your relatives in the military. Maybe if you are very lucky you will get your frequent shoppers card for Walmart.
Time to wake up and smell the coffee and all the bullshit going down right now. Time to get informed and THEN GO VOTE. It is 2006 and there are elections this year. It's time to stick your head out of the window and yell "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore".
Life is not about how many songs you have in itunes. It's not about keeping up with Hillary Duff's wardrobe. It's about using your life to make a change. You might die tomorrow, or you might simply die a little bit every day of the rest of your life. Either way, guys like Bush and Chertoff couldn't care less.


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