Sunday, February 18, 2007

Going down under?

What has Ralph Fiennes been up to these days?

Well ... Last week, the star of "The English Patient" and "Schindler's List" was caught leaving the same airplane lavatory as a 38-year-old Qantas flight attendant Lisa Robertson (Pictured below) during a long-haul flight, according to a report in the British paper The Sunday Telegraph.

Apparently Ralph was looking for some extra frequent flyer miles and his membership card into the "mile-high" club.

Last year, Fiennes ended his 10-year relationship with actress Francesca Annis after her discovery of his affair with 31-year-old Romanian singer Cornelia Crisan.

This recent tryst has sent sexuality experts into a tizzy. Some of them are now wondering if the actor may be exhibiting the signs of compulsive sexual behavior.

In my humble opinion, everybody needs to seriously lighten up.

I say “Good on ya Ralph … Good on ya mate!”

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Blogger Urban Vegan said...

Between this and Paris Hilton's latest hairdo, I just can't keep up...

8:40 AM  
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