Thursday, January 25, 2007


As a native New Yorker, I must say that I was really moved by today’s cover of the New York Daily News. (Pictured Below)

Ceasar Borja Jr, the brave son of a New York City policeman, is asking President Bush to address the issue of chronic sickness developing in Ground Zero workers who courageously responded after the events of 09/11/2001. We all know how George Bush likes to wrap himself up in that date like it’s his personal security blanket.

Ceasar’s father finally died from pulmonary fibrosis less than three hours before his son was to attend President Bush's State of the Union address as the guest of Sen. Hillary Clinton.

"I just want the President to look in my face and see how important it is that we get help," 21-year-old Ceasar Borja Jr. told Daily News reporters yesterday. "I want him to hear how my father died a hero, and how there are many other heroes who are continuing to die and who need help."

Last night a Bush spokesman said the White House is "aware of the request" but has not agreed to a meeting.

For those of you who do not know, many New Yorkers are very sick after the September 11th collapse of the WTC towers. Many response workers who desperately dug the ground looking for their friends and co-workers are now experiencing mysterious lung problems. As many as 14,000 people who worked there after the attacks have reported breathing problems. However, the sickness is not exclusive to the men and women on the debris pile. For example, the students at nearby Stuyvesant High School are also developing asthma at an alarming rate.

Ground Zero symptoms can include, coughing, wheezing, and sore throat. Over the years, many WTC workers, and downtown residents discovered that these symptoms have eventually developed into lung disease and in some cases, caused irreversible lung scarring and even death.

The air at Ground Zero contained toxic dust, pulverized (alkaline) cement, glass fibers, chemicals, fumes, asbestos and other toxic elements and was inhaled by all who were present. These airborne particles (Pictured below) entered the respiratory tract.

Volunteer workers and residents of lower Manhattan were lied to about the quality of the air following September 11th, 2001. A report showed that the White House had "convinced EPA to add reassuring statements and delete cautionary ones" by having the National Security Council control EPA communications after the September 11 attacks

A key player, who was guilty of knowingly spreading these lies to the public, is Christie Todd Whitman. Whitman was appointed by Bush as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency in January of 2001.

1) As head of the EPA, she challenged the validity of a government-commissioned report suggesting a human contribution to global warming.

2) Whitman appeared twice in New York City after the September 11 attacks to inform New Yorkers that the toxins released by the attacks posed no threat to their health.

The key word in Environmental Protection Agency is PROTECTION Christie. You protect both the environment from us (Exxon, Bush family, etc.) ... and us from the enviornment (Toxic dust, asbestos, etc.).

That sounds easy enough ... doesn't it?

To her credit, I guess it makes the job a lot harder when you are deep in someone's pocket.

Leave it to a broad from NJ to fuck up NYC and it's residents. We can only thank God that she retired to "spend more time with her family". I just hope, for her children's sake, that she can handle the sippy cups.

If this bitch were hit by a crosstown bus tomorrow, I would smile like the Cheshire Cat.

I think we can all look to this young man as an example of honor and bravery. I am not a very religious person, but I firmly believe that wherever his dad is, he is very proud of his son. I am quite sure that Ceasar Borja Sr. is looking down on his boy with a big smile, and realizes that his son has now become a man.

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