Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Early this summer, Peter Fernberger and I were asked to go shoot an ambitious music video for Casey Shea.

The video for "Elephants" involved A LOT of green screen work and it had to be completely shot over one weekend. Ultimately, we decided to shoot the entire project with my Sony EX3 camera, the Letus Ultimate DOF adapter, and my Nikon prime lenses.

The project was conceived and directed by Ryan Stober. He envisioned a video where Casey would play both himself and a sleazy coffin dealer.

The only other talent on set was a "trained" black cat.

Alongside Ryan was an extremely talented Visual FX Supervisor named Robert Morris. It would be his responsibility in post production to combine all the footage that we shot with Maya generated environments and props. For anyone familiar with Maya, this was no feat.

It took several months to finally put it all together, but you can view the finished product HERE. (For fluid playback, you should give it a minute for the buffer bar to fully load)

Music videos can sometimes be torture to work on. After dozens of music playbacks, you can never get the song out of your head. However, I came away really liking this song. More importantly, I though that Casey Shea was one of the nicest and most professional musians I have ever met.

I sincerely hope that this music video does wonders for the careers of Casey, Robert and Ryan.

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