Friday, May 05, 2006

Presented without introduction

This is video from a speech that Donald Rumsfeld was making yesterday in Atlanta, Georgia. The man in the audience asking the difficult questions was Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst. My hat is off to him for standing up in that hostile crowd and showing what America and free speech is all about.

There is a serious need for people to start standing up like Ray, because there is a lot at stake right now. Over 2400 brave men and women have now lost their lives in Iraq. Over 16,000 soldiers have major physical injuries, including lost limbs. Even more will come back from battle with combat related mental conditions that will impact the rest of their lives. It's time for each and every one of us to stand up and start asking this administration the difficult questions.


Blogger Dreamlover said...

I agree, people need to start using their voices to talk up about things that don't seem right, even towards their government. But people are so scared and timid, except in stupid situations!!

9:16 AM  
Blogger SHAUN said...

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11:16 AM  
Blogger SHAUN said...

If we could ever know the entire truth. Then what? US intelligence can't deal with not having the upper hand on the whole world. The government will destroy itself and its people for its own twisted peace of mind. bla bla bla

11:16 AM  
Blogger Peter Matthes said...

-Do we have the upper hand on Iran right now?
-Do we have the upper hand on China right now?
-Do we have the upper hand on Russia right now?
-Do we have the upper hand on Afghanistan?
-Do we have the upper hand on Pakistan?

What we do have is 135,000 troops in a country that is in the middle of a civil war. We have no available military force to speak of. We don't even have enough National Guard troops to meet the needs of our own country (New Orleans).

We need to know everything we can, and pick our battles. That intelligence must be spot on and honestly delivered, with only one goal and one goal only in mind. The best plan for the good of America. We waited years to get into WWII, and we knew the importance of that war early on.

I went to school with John Bush. He would be 34-36 right now. When he is on the ground serving in Iraq, I will believe that there is a major importance to be there.

I am sorry, but the lives of 2400 US men and women are not worth a democratic Iraq. Furthermore, if you think there will ever be a true democracy in Iraq, you must be smoking something.

12:09 PM  
Blogger anne altman said...

anne+ray 2gether4ever

1:53 PM  
Blogger Shadowspun said...

I will at least give this for Rummy (whom I pretty much despise), he gave the guy a chance to talk and tld the security detail to hold off on ejecting him. He doesn't seem to have given him a satisfactory answer, but at least he did answer him. It's just as shocking as when Bushie did the same thing with the man a month ago at the town meeting.

LOL. I think I actually complimented them. Ack!

6:12 PM  
Blogger Dreamlover said...

why you think they make me sound boring? Who doesn't love the Golden Girls? hahahaha
And the yodeling, hello, you know how many guys I get from that??? (NONE) ;-)
And my belly dancing is like my dancing, pretty sucky!!
And about dogs, can't you get a dog walker and take it to the dog park at Central Park? Just a thought, living in NYC must be so awesome!!

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